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Young Imaginations was established in 2007 as a not-for-profit charitable organization designed to bring arts education to preschool and elementary school age children, with an emphasis and focus on drama and supported through dance, visual arts and music. Young Imaginations offers training and support to elementary school teachers in drama education. All programs are intended to increase the creative literacy of children from Kindergarten to Grade 8. In addition, Young Imaginations provides mentorship to classroom teachers to integrate the arts, specifically drama, into the school curriculum. Young Imaginations believes that its programs have a special impact on students and their teachers and that children develop higher level skills through arts education such as: creativity, problem solving skills, written and verbal communication skills, self-discipline and critical thinking while building their self-esteem, confidence and stimulation of their imagination. In other subject areas, Young Imaginations observes students becoming more motivated and developing a more positive attitude toward learning.

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Young Imaginations supports the work of the classroom teacher by providing professional development in the classroom. We have had many wonderful individual student success stories come from Young Imaginations work with our schools.

— Susan Davies Curriculum
Co-ordinator for the Arts and Social Sciences,
Hastings and Prince Edward
District School Board