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The Canada Project

The Canada Project is an invitation to teachers and students to step inside and better understand Canada's rich past through the Arts, and is geared to students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

The Canada Project
Students explore a story from the Inuit culture to better understand the development of communities. These sessions introduce and engage students and teachers in a variety of drama strategies such as movement, tableau, storytelling and role playing. The drama also includes other art forms, such as visual arts and dance.
Stepping inside the experience of the Early Settlers through drama strategies, students make connections to their own experiences and lives. The context of the Loyalist and the Acadian experience provides opportunities for the development of inquiry, research and communication skills. Through role-play and writing, students deepen their understanding of social justice in the past and present.
The dramatic focus on an indigenous story celebrates the unique connection of native people to the earth and sky worlds. Through storytelling, dance and role play, students explore the native experience and draw on their own personal experiences of culture and connections to the preservation of the earth.
Using drama to witness the expansion of Canada from the perspectives of major historical figures, indigenous people and political leaders, the students deepen their understanding of the complexities of the formation of Canada. Through the context of the Red River Rebellion and Louis Riel, students reflect on how certain issues of the past continue to echo today.

Looking at a topic in depth, through drama, visual art, photographs, literature, created deep meaning for my students. It was so much more than just covering the curriculum – this aspect of Canadian history will resonate in all of us for the rest of our lives.

– Cassie Lyon, Teacher, Kente Public School, Picton